Wikipedia calls him the father of modern throwing mechanics and motion analysis coaching. People like Drew Brees just call him. Frequently.

Tom’s a personal coach to sports’ most iconic athletes including pitchers such as Cole Hamels, Nolan Ryan, Kenny Rogers, Kevin Brown, Jamie Moyer, Randy Johnson, and Robb Nen.

And QBs Drew Brees, Tom Brady, Andrew Luck, Jimmy Garappolo, Eli Manning, Matt Ryan, Cam Newton, Matt Stafford, and Jared Goff.

Tom is the only coach on the planet to have trained Hall of Famers in baseball, football, and golf.

Tom’s 40+ years in the pros—as both an MLB pitcher and pitching coach as well as an NFL quarterback coach—is bolstered with a Ph.D. and two Masters, and his expertise is applicable across all rotational sports. He has also authored or co-authored 22 books and 20+ studies for sports/medicine journals.

But you don’t have to read all that stuff. Tom’s giving all his knowledge—and some really great stories—to you right now. With Mustard.

Jason has worked with athletes of all levels in most of the major sports including the PGA Tour, NBA, MLB, NFL, and the USTA. He’s also worked with Olympic coaches and athletes, and NCAA DI and DII collegiate programs including national championship teams. He has helped two PGA Tour players ascend to World #1 in the last five years, including the 2016 Olympic Gold Medalist, Justin Rose.

As an avid learner, awareness coach, flow seeker, and student of performance, Jason has spent his entire coaching career helping individuals reconnect with the power of play. He has created a personally adaptive blueprint that guides each individual to a flowing process where effortless power lives and thrives. He achieves this through mindfulness tools such as visualization, awareness, and the power of intention. Thanks to his process, Jason’s clients experience the joy that comes with being curiously playful and 100% committed to the trust in performing the action of their sport.